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June 5th, 2000

Jason Brown decides to get off the big ride. RIP JB. You will be missed by so many. 

March 1st, 2000

Jason Brown is back in the band! The original Bass player for The Torpedoes has returned home! Welcome back Jason!


Jan 5th, 2000

Look for MP3 Jukebox in stores now. This package includes 100 songs by rock, jazz, techno, country, pop, hip-hop, classical and world style bands in the MP3 format! The Torpedoes have two songs on the MP3 Jukebox CD.


July 31st, 1999

Hepcat Records adds The Torpedoes to their catalog. 


April 12th, 1999 picks The Torpedoes song Big Blue as Featured Country Song. Go figure! 


March 31st, 1999 selects The Torpedoes as Featured Artist of the day. It's like being on the cover of Rolling Stone. Well, sort of. 


March 30th, 1999

Lucky You, The Torpedoes 2nd full length CD is released to the world. 


January 27th, 1999

The Torpedoes welcome Justin Walsh as their new bass player. Fresh up from L.A. and ready to kick out the low end. Justin has his work cut out for him but definitely has the right attitude. 


January 20th, 1999

Jason Brown quits The Torpedoes and the search begins to find a new bass player.


October 14th, 1998

The new web site is up! The Torpedoes Gig Site is now located at and has a new look. 


August 21st, 1998

The Torpedoes complete recording of their new CD called Lucky You.


July 17th, 1998

The Torpedoes appear for the second time on Bay TV,  KRON in San Francisco.


June 28th, 1998

The Torpedoes complete a successful tour know as The Midwest Massacre. Cities included Iowa City, Davenport, Clinton and further west in Reno and Salt Lake City. Miles traveled: 5000. 


 January 1st, 1998

Lego Island, the CD-ROM game containing five songs by The Torpedoes becomes a million seller.


August 2nd, 1997

Reef Madness a big success at the Paradise in San Francisco. The Torpedoes joined other bands like The Aquamen, Berzerkers, Pollo Del Mar, Kelp and Brazil 2001 for a great show. 


March 1st 1997

Mindscape releases their latest PC game called Lego Island.  Included on this cool, interactive, 3D game are five songs by The Torpedoes. 


July 18th, 1996

The Torpedoes provide main support for Los StraitJackets at The Edge in Palo Alto Ca.

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