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  • Join the email surf music sub-culture with COWABUNGA!--This is a GREAT SITE to learn more about SURF MUSIC, find SURF BANDS and join the COWABUNGA MAILING LIST.
Cowabunga Quote of the Month:
 Gear arrived a couple of hours ago. The boys are burnt out as hell but 
nothing could stop a Dick Dale show, right? Ice stretched from 40 miles east 
of the New Mexico border, to 30 miles west. Sand Dunes trumpeter/keyboard 
front man Bryan Feltner is on the road with us and his eyes were as big as 
1/2 dollars when he climbed out of the truck. Shall we say a little scart????
Shortly after my plea here (on cowabunga), we were contacted by Dick 
Stewart from this list. Lives here in town. 1st waver with the Knights of ? hell 
if I can remember and I should be shot on site. Sorry, Dick. Please know that 
all of us in the DD org are indebted to you for offering us your gear to abuse 
this evening. We are getting ready to blow down to the Launch Pad now and 
fire the stuff up. There's something to be said about steady as she goes road 
crews. I personally am gonna give 'em both a big ol' smooch!!!!
Dusty Watson,  drummer with Dick Dale
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  • Bay Area Surf, Twang, & Reverb Directory  (B.A.S.T.A.R.D.) is a listing of up coming shows in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 
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