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"Congrats!  Your website has been nominated and selected (secretly) to recieve the highly coveted  Sneak Award from Blues City for: 

Website Achievment in Entertainment Excellence!"

"Hats off to your webmaster! You should be proud!  Though you'll never know who it was that nominated the site or who, how and why it was selected as a winner, It's a good day for The Torpedoes. Why, you ask?  Simply because the Blues City Entertainment Excellence Award only comes to that priviledged few on the web who can "entertain" us in that special way that only we can see."

"The Sneak Award is justly named as well.  It comes completely by surprise and remains a mystery to this day.  That's why it 's the award most sought after by artists and entertainment sites the web over." 

"Enjoy and display it proudly with the proud few!"

The Wave of the DayThe Torpedoes Gig Site was selected Wave of the Day by Hit The Beach!

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World Internet Cool Site Award

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The Jer-Rich Award

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